• Hot Tapping


    XEL has developed newer and better technology to tie into your system in many different ways, Angle taps, valveless connections, long travel taps, and other methods are used to ensure the most efficient completion of the project. .

  • Welding


    Being able to deliver the right skills and equipment means the welding on in-service lines will be according to code. Because it comes from XEL, you know the welding is going to be performed safely, expertly and efficiently. .

  • Health, Safety & Environment


    we understand our place as a corporate leader in maintaining a standard of excellence in caring for our environment. It is XEL policy to comply with all applicable occupational health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.

  • Cathodic Protection Services


    XEL carries out design and Installation of cathodic protection facilities as an integral part of our scope of activities. Cathodic protection of pipelines is very vital to the pipeline integrity maintenance.


Xanderon Engineering Ltd a recognized name in pipeline equipment and services delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications.  XEL's experts provide hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system.


  • Hot Tapping & Plugging Services

    XEL Services, provides an unmatched level of piping system services and is 100% responsive to the ever-changing needs of its diverse customer base ranging from transmission pipelines located on or offshore ...

  • Freeze Plugging Services

    When line flow can temporarily be stopped for controlled freezing, and particularly where there is restricted work access at an industrial or commercial piping jobsite, XEL’s pipe freezing services offer the perfect solution for 1/2” through 48” piping systems—with hot water lines up to 230°F.

  • Line Plugging & Stopping Services.

    With the recent economic developments and governmental changes in regulations, many have made the decision to outsource their line plugging maintenance requirements.....

  • Project Support Services

      • Supply of specialized manpower.
      • Procurement of pipeline consumables, (Valves, flanges, fittings) etc.

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Pipeline Intervention

Hot Tapping & Plugging are field proven methods for accessing the interior of an operating pipeline while avoiding shut down of the Line. Hot Tapping provides a temporary or permanent solution to repairing leaks and anomalies in your pipeline without shutting down flow.

Our XEL valve repair solution is a unique combination of highly-skilled technicians that provide onsite, emergency and scheduled repair services; scheduled or routine shop repair.

XEL provides an aggressive line of cleaning pigs, launching and receiving systems, geometry inspection services, environmentally friendly detergent-based cleaning fluids, cutter repair, drying service, pipeline cleaning, welding, plus field support personnel and equipment to meet your specific pipeline applications.